Explore my research to date and find out what I am currently involved in.

My research to date has focused on student experiences in education, primarily from their perspective. As a research team member and principal investigator, I have explored topics such as safety in clinical learning, rural nursing education, and interprofessional clinical education among other topics. For a list of publications, presentations and more please click here.

Currently I am formulating research ideas around the evaluation of innovative approaches to learning that involve gamification, social media and open educational resources. If you have an idea you would like to discuss or need help with a project please reach out to see if we can collaborate. I have worked on a number of research projects as a Q-methodology consultant that are not listed below or under publications. As a member of the ethics committee at Cambrian College and professor I often help new researchers think through proposal ideas.

Research Team Membership

Year Description
2017 – Present Member of Interprofessional Education evaluation team
2013 – 2015 Lead in Facebook in Nursing Education Team
2012 – 2013 Member of COPD as Disability: Q-methodology and Social Mapping Study research team
2012 – Present Member of Interprofessional Clinical Education team (Personal Support Worker and Bachelor of Science in Nursing students)
2012 – 2013 Lead in Applied Research Team looking at supporting elders living in the community
2012 – 2013 Project Lead in Confidence Literature Review
2012 Project Lead in Student Perceptions of Challenges to Their Learning in the Clinical Setting: a Qualitative Descriptive Study
2012 – 2014 Member of Hand Hygiene study with Sudbury and District Health Unit
2011 – 2016 Lead in Promoting Safe Clinical Practice Policy Evaluation
2010 – 2014 Principal Investigator for Clinical safety in undergraduate nursing education: A Q-methodology study
2009 – 2013 Migration and Support and Housing research team