Lifelong learning is an important part of excellence and professionalism. As guided by the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing, Boyer’s model is used to organize the presentation of my scholarly activities.

Scholarship of Discovery 

My commitment to research is evident in an ongoing commitment to build new knowledge and publishing in peer-reviewed journals. To date, my research has focused on student experiences in education, primarily from their perspective. As a research team member and principal investigator, I have explored topics such as innovation, safety in clinical learning, rural nursing education, and interprofessional clinical education among other topics. For a list of publications, presentations and other forms of dissemination that support all four domains of scholarship please click here.


Scholarship of Teaching

With a firm commitment to quality improvement and innovation in my day to day teaching practices, I am always trying new things and testing their effectiveness, formally and informally. These practices are informed by my scholarship of integration as true excellence in teaching relies on interprofessional collaborations. Connecting with educators across disciplines has fostered innovation and inspired colleagues. A common thread in my scholarship of discovery is the need for students to experience a strong connection with educators so students feel supported in their learning. As an educator, I strive to reflect the characteristics of someone students can feel connected to and comfortable with – available, approachable, supportive, honest, trustworthy, and fair, which is reflected in my teaching philosophy. Reflections on my learning are shared through my blog. While not peer-reviewed, the comments section invites public review and critique of all postings.


Scholarship of Integration

Collaboration with colleagues in Cambrian’s Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub has enabled the development of personal learning networks. As Cambrian’s Innovation Champion, I am in discussions with managers as well as professors from across the college about experiences and evidence around technology, gamification of learning and open educational resources. As we informally discuss evidence and experiences new research opportunities are surfacing involving possible future collaborations. Much of this discussion happens in Cambrian’s Hub.  Beyond Cambrian, I have developed a personal learning network with peers from eCampusOntario and educators from Kindergarten to Post-secondary levels through the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE). Our learning is made public through internal and external presentations and social media.


Scholarship of Application

My commitment to education extends beyond my role as an educator. Service to the community is an important aspect of my role as a professional. Over the past 10 years, I have volunteered at the schools my children have attended in various capacities from teaching karate lessons to serving as Vice Chair of Parent Council. As a community representative, I used my skills to advocate for community needs during the accommodation review process of the Rainbow District School Board. As a result of community efforts, some school closures were prevented and/or modified.

Within Cambrian, I have also volunteered to sit on numerous committees including Academic Advisory, Collaborative Scholarship, Teaching and Learning Framework, Innovation, and, most recently, Ethics. These efforts are disseminated through the college in various ways. For example, the Teaching and Learning Framework was launched in the 2015 to 2016 academic year. Externally, within my nursing role I am an active member of the RNAO and serve on their research committee. These contributions to both the community and my academic institution demonstrate my commitment to quality education, governance, and decision making.


Professional Development 

I actively seek opportunities to expand my knowledge about various technologies and issues impacting education. I have been strategically exploring opportunities to develop an area of expertise in education. Networking at these events and online has been valuable in expanding my knowledge of best teaching practices. In the next few months, you can find me networking and presenting in the Cambrian Hub, at Online Learning 2018, and the Technology Enabled Seminar and Showcase as well as running Webinars for eCampusOntario.

Year Description
2018 Designing Your Online Course (DYOC) online training. Click here for the reflection. Click here for the certificate.
2018 James M. Lang  – Keynote on Cheating in Post-Secondary Education and Breakout Session. Click here for the reflection.
2018 Making Sense of Open Education MOOC. Click here for participation blogs.
2018 Beneficial for All; Essential for Some. (Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub. Cambrian College). Click here for the reflection.
2018 Several Lunches with Alan Levine as a part of participation in Ontario Extend. Click here for some reflections.
2018 Virtually Connecting with BC Festival of Learning. Click here for the reflection on one of the two  events.
2018 Film Screening: The Internet’s Own Boy (Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub. Cambrian College). Click here for the reflection.
2018 Open Day (Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub. Cambrian College). Click here for the reflection.
2018 Academic Accommodations for College Students (Cambrian College)
2018 Advancing Learning 2018 Conference (London, Ontario)
2018 Canadian Network of Innovation in Education (CNIE) Conference (Sudbury, Ontario)
2018 Equity 101: The Do’s and Don’ts (Cambrian College)
2018 Going Gradeless: A growth Centered Approach to Assessment (Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub. Cambrian College)
2018 Pineapple Project Revival: A Faculty Showcase (Cambrian College)
2018 DCO/Master Syllabus/Syllabus (Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub. Cambrian College)
2018 Security Awareness Training
2018 OE Global (Delft, Netherlands)
2018 OER Fellowship Retreat (Toronto, Ontario. Hosted by eCampusOntario)
2018 Health Equity and Cultural Safety in an Indigenous Context (attended an online presentation by Victoria Smye)
2017 Simulation Workshop Series: The “how-to”
2017 Advising Like a Coach: Empowering Students for Success (4 part series)
2017 Intro to Academic Coaching
2017 Sharpening Your Learning Edge; Your Personal PD Plan
2016 Lambton College Mobile Summit 2016
2016 Northern Ontario Intercollege Scholarship Exhibition (NOISE)
2016 Choices and Changes: Clinician Influence and Patient Action
2016 Mental Health First Aid Training
2015 Northern Ontario Intercollege Scholarship Exhibition (NOISE)
2010 – present Production of educational YouTube Videos on the NurseKillam channel
2013 Advancing Learning Conference
2013 Connecting with the Connected (Facilitated by Jeremy McQuigge)
2013 8th International Conference of the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (Carleton University)
2013 TCPS 2: Course on Research Ethics (CORE)
2013 AODA – Information and Communications Standard Training
2012 Research Informing Professional Practices and Theory (Laurentian University Faculty of Professional Schools Conference)
2012 Four High Impact Ideas that Can Change Patient Safety (Facilitated by Charles Denham and Franck Guilloteau)
2012 Simulation Learning System Workshop (Facilitated by Francoise Gravelle and Erin Carlson)
2012 Alternative Delivery: Better, Faster, More Flexible, Less Expensive (Facilitated by Lynn Sugden)
2012 Authentic Assessment and Evaluation of the Affective Domain:

An Interactive Workshop for Cambrian College Faculty, Staff and Administrators (Facilitated by Mike Hill)

2012 Authentic Group Evaluation Workshop (Facilitated by Maxine King)
2012 Courageous Conversations Facilitator (Cultural Safety), Laurentian University
2012 Indigenous Aspects of Cultural Safety Education, Laurentian University
2011 Gentle Persuasive Approaches Training (Cambrian College)
2011 Lead in “Unsafe Student Policy” development at Cambrian College
2011 The Last Gifts: Creative Ways to be with the Dying Workshop (Warmhearts Palliative Caregivers Sudbury/Manitoulin)
2011 Powered Pedagogy Workshop (Huntington University)
2011 Community contribution: Q-methodology consultant for Wanda Eurich – Homeless Individuals and Families Information System Community Coordinator


Self-Published Websites 


Domain Description An open educational resource for teaching and learning APA format. An online version of my CV that expands on the paper-based CV by linking to examples. Blog to promote the scholarship of teaching and learning An “about me” page. The recruitment website for a current research project. Where Katherine Timmermans and I developed our badging presentation for the Advancing Learning conference. Where I am exploring open education and posting the majority of my course materials for BSN4416 as a component of my innovation position at Cambrian.


Where Kim McNab and I are hosting more information about our poster.


Where several presentations about YouTube for teaching are being hosted.